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Lead Unreal Engine Artist | Sound Designer

A visceral virtual reality experience where players step into the body of the opposite gender and explore transgender identity via interviews with real transgender individuals. 

Lead Unreal Engine Environment Artist | Lighting Artist

Lead environment and lighting designer for AR sets for the 2023 Minecraft Live livestream. Recreated game environment in UE with triggerable events and dynamic systems to immerse subjects into the new game worlds.


Director | Editor | Unreal Artist

A mini documentary of an interview with a 100 year-old Holocaust survivor. Viewers are taken through surreal vignettes and landscapes as he describes his most harrowing memories.

 Director | Unreal Artist | Musician

A short, surrealist scene about an alien man roaming the

desert and witnessing a floating ballerina engulfed in flames.

Screenshot 2023-12-07 172925.png
Screenshot 2023-06-24 121428.png

Director | Editor | Unreal Artist

A music video for the artist Streal utilizing live action footage, unreal engine scenes, runway ml and luma ai. This surreal video brings high energy and uncanny visuals to the rap aesthetic. 

Writer | Director | Lead Unreal Artist

Following a young Jewish boy, a dead man, and a raven, the film explores the generational trauma of the Holocaust, told through the eyes of a child’s nightmare.

Screenshot 2022-12-17 121001.jpg
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